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Locating A Plumbing Leak: Professional Detection When You Can't Find The Source

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There are a number of ways to try and find a plumbing leak, even when the leak is deep within your walls. While a leak can be obvious when it is coming directly from your faucet, a slow leak coming from a pipe in your wall is much harder to find. You may not realize you have a leak in your plumbing until the leak is bad enough to cause water damage to your walls or ceilings. If you try to find the source of the leak and you don't have any success, it's important to call a plumber as soon as possible to find the leak and repair it for you so that further issues don't arise.

When Your Tub Drain Is Leaking

To test to see if your tub drain is the problem, you can fill the tub partially with water. When you have easy access to the drain from below, watch as the water drains slowly from the tub. When you aren't sure if the drain is leaking and you don't have access to the pipes below, keep the drain clogged and add some water into the tub. Mark the edge of the water and wait about an hour. If the edge of the water moves, there is a leak in your drain. 

Supply Valve Leaks

You may find a puddle of water below your sink, but this doesn't mean it is necessarily the drain pipes that have a leak. The supply valve can also cause a leak, allowing water to drip into the space below your sink. If you aren't sure where water is coming from, turn it on and let your sink drain. You will either see water start to drip from one of your supply valves, or see water droplets coming from your pipes. 

When You Can't Find the Leak

Leaks can be difficult to locate, especially when they are small. Over time, a small leak can cause water stains on your ceiling, walls or floors. When the leak is within a pipe that travels in your walls, you may not be able to find the source of the leak on your own. When you have looked at your drains, visible pipes and supply valves but don't know where the leak is, allow a professional to come and find the leak for you.

Plumbing leaks can lead to significant damage to your home. When you aren't sure where water is coming from in your home, it's time to call your plumber for help. You can see a plumber's leak detection service on their website, like on Ongaro And Sons