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Why Is Your Air Conditioner Making So Much Noise?

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Your air conditioner is going to break down from time to time over the course of it's lifetime. Even if you maintain it properly, eventually the parts on your system may end up wearing out with time. When this or some other type of breakdown occurs, you should know how to make the repair, or at least troubleshoot the repair. One problem you could encounter with your system is that it may begin to get noisy while running, shutting down, or starting up. If your air conditioner is making noise, read on for tips to help you find the problem and make the repair yourself.

Check The Air Filter

The air filter in your system may be clogged with dirt and dust and will need to be replaced with a new one. You should check the air filter at least once per month and change it every other month or sooner if you it is clogged. Hold the air filter up to the light and if you can't see any light through it, it needs to be changed. You can find a replacement filter at your local hardware store, or at an HVAC supply store. Replace it with one that is the same size. Follow the arrows on the air filter so you know which way to put it back into your system.

Clean Your Condensing Unit

Clean your condensing unit outside to get rid of dirt, grass, and pollen from your system. If your system is clogged with this and other debris, it may cause a problem for your system. Your unit isn't going to be able to take in the air it needs to run and will begin to make noises over time. Spray the unit down with a garden hose to get rid of this debris. Open up the top of your unit to clean anything out that may have fallen into the unit as well. You should do this once or twice throughout the warm-weather season and before and after the season as well.

Adjust Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is set too low, you may end up causing your system to overwork. When this happens, you could wear out your system before it's lifetime. Make an adjustment to the thermostat so it isn't trying to run too much to keep up with the temperature. If your house isn't getting cool enough, make sure the vents are all open and unblocked by anything, such as furniture, curtains, or other items. If this didn't help, your air conditioner may be too small for your home and you may need to invest in something larger for your home.

If your air conditioner is making a lot of noise, try using the tips above to help you make the repair. If these didn't help, hire a professional AC repair technician to help you.