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Important Furnace Maintenance Tips

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There are few things worse than throwing off the blankets in the morning to be greeted by freezing temperatures. If you can see your breath when you get out of bed, that's a good clue your furnace has broken down during the night. Emergency repairs will get your home warm again, but if you maintain your furnace properly and heed warning signs, you might avoid furnace problems altogether. Here are some tips for maintaining your furnace properly.

Have Your Furnace Serviced By A Technician Yearly

Cold winter days may be the last thing on your mind when the weather is still warm in the fall, but the fall or late summer is a good time to think about how your furnace will perform in the coming winter. Schedule an appointment with a technician to have your furnace cleaned, inspected, and serviced so that it is ready to warm your house when the first cold day arrives.

Regular service is more important than you might think because it can also prolong the life of your furnace and prevent the need for expensive repairs when the furnace breaks down due to neglect. A dirty furnace can be prevented, and it is a common cause of malfunctions caused by restricted airflow, strain, and overheating.

Don't Ignore Unusual Sounds Or Operation

Your furnace doesn't get clogged up overnight, and although parts might break suddenly, they usually give clues they are wearing down. This means your furnace will give signals that something is wrong way before it stops working. When you hear odd noises, notice your furnace isn't warming as well as it should, or hear it run more often, then try to find the source of the problem or call a technician for help.

Air gets pulled into your furnace through the filter, and then a blower sends it through the ducts. To work efficiently, the air filter must always be free of clogs, and the blower motor and blades have to be clean and free of malfunctioning parts. When parts go bad, you might hear screeching noises, or the furnace may cycle on and off frequently because it needs to shut down due to overheating. These are signs your furnace is in need of repairs, and if you keep running it, you might cause more damage than you already have to deal with. Calling for repairs promptly is an important step in caring for your furnace.

When your furnace is old, repairs are more likely since parts are wearing down. However, you can keep your furnace alive longer by caring for it properly, and that helps you get the best value for your investment and postpones the need to buy a new furnace for as long as possible. For more information, contact your local heating service today.