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4 Commercial AC Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Customers Cool And Happy Throughout The Summer Months

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If you want your customers to be happy during the summer heat, AC maintenance is important to ensure they stay cool while visiting your business. You will need to do things like more frequent filter changes, cleaning, and routine inspections to ensure your AC is cooling without any problems. Here are some commercial AC maintenance tips that will help keep your customers cool through the summer months:

1. Upgrades That Improve Efficiency And Reduce AC Equipment Wear

Commercial AC systems often lose efficiency as they get older. The good news is that a lot of the existing equipment can be improved or upgraded to make systems more efficient. These improvements can include renewable energy that helps you reduce energy costs. When you have your AC inspected, you can talk with the HVAC service about possible upgrades that can make your system more efficient.

2. Keeping Exterior Cooling Equipment Clean To Maximize Efficiency And Reduce Wear

It is important to keep your exterior cooling equipment clean during the warmer months. This often means cleaning condensing units that get dirty, which causes a reduction in efficiency and problems like freezing that can lead to costly repairs. Commercial AC systems may have other equipment that also needs to be cleaned routinely to reduce wear and improve the efficiency of your cooling.

3. Frequent Filter Changes For Cleaner Air And Less AC Wear

You will also want to do frequent filter changes to help ensure your air conditioning systems filters air and is working efficiently. During mildly warm weather, you will want to change the filter normally; about once a month. When the weather is extremely hot during midsummer, you may want to change the air filters more frequently; once every two weeks or once a week if needed.

4. Routine Equipment Inspections And Repairs To Keep AC Running

It is important to do routine inspections of HVAC equipment. With commercial AC systems, there may be several components of your AC that are located on the roof or exterior of the building. These units get the most wear because they are located outside. Therefore, it is important to do routine maintenance when the weather gets hot outside.  

Keeping your customers happy is important and keeping them cool in summer heat will keep them coming back. Make sure to contact a commercial AC repair service for more info about maintenance, inspection, and repairs to your business's air conditioning equipment.