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Heat Pumps Vs. Central Air: Which Is More Efficient For A Six-Story Building?

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When you are constructing a six-story building, there are choices to be made. For example, HVAC contractors will want to know if you want to install heat pumps or central air for employee comfort. Well, that is quite a conundrum, since you are not sure what is the better choice in this instance. How does one cool a six-story building efficiently and effectively? Let's take a look.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps suck all the hot air out of the building and eject it outside, thus making the inside of the building feel less hot and less humid too. However, heat pumps are generally designed more for home/residential use, where only one heat pump is required to do the job. In that setting, a heat pump does an excellent job of removing hot air and circulating the less-hot air inside.

In a six-story building, you would need several more heat pumps to accomplish this task. Since the building is as tall as it is, and is comprised of a lot of office windows, you will always have at least one or two sides of the building facing directly into the sun year-round. This results in a lot more heat collecting inside the building than what usually collects inside a home. While heat pumps are generally the more efficient option, they have at least twice as much work to accomplish in your building because of the height of the building, the increased amount of heat collected in the upper stories, and the need for several additional pumps.

Central Air

Central air is typically not the most efficient option of these two. Yet, with an office building, central air and heat pumps both have to work overtime to keep the building cool. There are industrial versions of central air conditioners that can help, but again, you will need more than one of these to cool the entire building. Quite often, companies choose to operate both cooling devices together to increase the other's efficiency and reduce the amount of time running and reduce the needed energy demands. If your current HVAC budget can only afford one type of cooling device, central air via industrial cooling systems may be the most efficient, and definitely the most effective, way to go.

Ask for Advice

Mathematically and scientifically speaking, your HVAC contractors already know what the best option is for you. They can provide you with all the advice and guidance you need in terms of rising heat and reducing temperatures and the overall operating costs. All you have to do is ask. To learn more, visit a website like