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Improve Furnace Airflow To Save Money

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Does it seem like your furnace is not producing the airflow that it used to? Over the years, even if you regularly change the filter, there's a good chance that your furnace will become less efficient. Usually, this is just natural and there's nothing you can do to prevent it. You can clean it on a regular basis to help your furnace be fully functional. Dirt and dust is bound to get sucked into your furnace cabinet, where it can make your motor dusty and dirty. This dust can also build up along your duct walls, where it will eventually get blown into your home. So cleaning your furnace motor is a job that might not only improve the efficiency of your unit, but it might also improve air quality in your home. This article explains how to safely access and clean your furnace motor.

Shutting Off Your Furnace

First of all, you need to shut down power and gas to your furnace before you start to work on it. It is important that you do the following steps in the correct order. First, set your thermostat to the lowest setting possible. Next, remove the control access panel to your furnace cabinet. Locate your gas control knob and turn it clockwise, to the "Off" position. Finally, turn off the power to the furnace. This usually means you need to hit the actual breaker switch for your unit. At this point, it will be safe to work on your furnace motor.

Cleaning Your Furnace Motor

The best tool for cleaning a furnace motor is a hose vacuum equipped with a brush attachment. However, if the dust buildup on your motor is slightly damp, it will not come off very easily. You will probably need to actually wipe it down by hand with a damp rag. You should still try and vacuum it, to suck any of the dust buildup on the fan blades. Once the motor looks sufficiently clean, you should identify the junction to the ducts. Usually, the ducts leading out of the furnace are quite large, so it is easy to see where they start. Use a flashlight to look inside the docs and also the ridge around the junction. It will usually take a lot of dust buildup until airflow is actually affected. However, removing this dust will definitely improve air quality.

This maintenance is obviously not too complicated, but it should help to ensure that your furnace is running properly. Don't put it aside, because the longer you wait, the more difficult and time consuming this task will be.

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