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How To Clean AC Condenser Coils

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An air conditioning system is reliant on the efficiency of several elements. Perhaps the most vital element, when it comes to the production and circulation of cool air, is the condenser. The condenser is the unit that is on the outside of the house. It is often just referred to as the air conditioner. The coils are a vital part of an AC condenser unit. Since they are exposed to the elements, they can get dirty and less efficient. This article explains the importance of condenser coils and how to service your unit to make sure it is in top running order.

What the Condenser Unit Does

The condenser coils are central to the circulation of refrigerant throughout the duct system. The coils are where heat is released. This is why it is outside the house. The refrigerant carries the heat through the lines to the condenser unit, where it is released. It basically helps suck warm air out of the house when the AC is running.

If the coils are caked up with dirt, they will not be able to breathe and this will ultimately slow down the refrigerant flow. Most condenser units have the coils directly behind thin sheets of aluminum. These aluminum sheets have small ridges, commonly called fins. If the fins, or actual coils, get dirty, your unit will have problems and be much less effective. So, how do you clean your condenser coils?

How to Clean the Coils

Cleaning your condenser coils is simple. First, you need to turn off the power to the unit. Then, lightly spray all of the coil panels with water. Once they are soaked, you will need to spray on some sort of liquid cleaner or soap to help break down the stubborn dirt that gets lodged between the aluminum fins. Cleaning the coils is simple if you don't wait too long in between cleanings. If you have not cleaned your coils in a long time (or ever) this task might take a while. You might even need to invest in some high power condenser cleaning liquid. This can be found at most appliance or home improvement stores.

In the end, coil maintenance is simple but necessary. It won't cost much money, but it will definitely help increase the efficiency of your unit. If you condenser uses less electricity, you will see some great savings on your utility bills during the summer. For more information on AC repair, consider contacting a service professional in your area.