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How To Check And Repair Your Furnace

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Have you noticed that your furnace is not producing as well as it used to? Is less hot air coming out without any force? Reduced airflow might be a sign that your furnace is getting old. However, it could be a sign of some much less serious issues. You might even be able to make a few repairs on your own and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. This article explains how to diagnose and repair some common problems that could be hampering the effectiveness of your furnace.

How to Change your Furnace Filter

The first thing you should check is your furnace filter. The filter is easy to access and change without any tools. It is often in a thin slot near the front or side of the furnace. You can just open the door to the filter compartment and pull it out with your hands. While the filter is removed you should get out a vacuum and clean out the compartment. Even if your filter does not seem to be too dirty, there could be dust and dirt buildup around the input hose. Take your filter to the home improvement store to make sure you get the correct replacement for your unit. After changing the filter and cleaning out the compartment, you should test the furnace. You might notice better airflow and hotter air immediately after changing the filter.

Clean the Air Vents and Inspect the Ducts

If your airflow is still weak, it could be a result of dirty vents. When vents get clogged, it can lead to clogging deeper within the ducts. This is why you should remove the vents from the wall and give them a nice, thorough scrubbing. You can even soak them in your sink and scrub them with dish soap and a sponge. The vents can be removed and reattached with a handheld flathead screwdriver. While the vents are removed from the wall, you should clean the ducts, especially along the ridge of the wall. You should also take a flashlight and look deep inside the ducts for more dust. If you see black buildup along the duct walls, it could be a sign of mold and you should call an HVAC cleaning service ASAP.

These two simple checks can greatly increase the effectiveness of your furnace. You can make these checks and repairs on your own to immediately improve your furnace's productivity. If you suspect a bigger problem, visit a heating repair service in your area.