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The 3 Tools You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts

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If you plan on cleaning out the air ducts in your house on your own, you will need at least three important tools to get the job done. You will need duct brushes, a duct vacuum, and a pressure washer.

Duct Brushes

The first tool you will need to clean out your air conditioning ducts are duct brushes. These brushes are designed specifically for the purpose of cleaning ducts. They feature long handles with really stiff, hard bristles at the end. The brushes themselves are pretty large. They are designed to be slightly wider than your average duct. The stiff bristles are designed to loosen up any debris that is inside of the vent.

You can purchase duct brushes that you have to operate manually. These work best on smaller jobs. You can also purchase duct electrically powered duct brushes that will spin on their own. The electrical brushes work best for larger systems.

Duct Vacuums

You can't just use your everyday vacuum on your ducts. You need two different special duct vacuums to get the job done.  

  • Negative Airflow: This vacuum fits securely over the duct opening. It sucks up and filters the air through it. The purpose of this vacuum is to prevent all the dust and debris you loosened with the brushes from entering your airspace.
  • Long Hose: This vacuum comes equipped with an extremely long hose. The long hose ensures that you are able to vacuum your entire duct system. 

Ideally, each of these vacuums should have a HEPA filter on them to get rid of all contaminants. 

Pressure Washer

You probably will not need a pressure washer system for home air duct cleaning. These are generally used to clean out airspaces in unoccupied buildings or in buildings where it is feared that some sort of toxin has been released. 

You only need to use a pressure washer if your ducts are seriously dirty. 

If you want to clean your own ducts, you will definitely need to purchase some duct brushes and duct vacuums as well. Unless your house has been sitting unoccupied for an extended period of time or has experienced some type of disaster, you probably do not need to purchase a pressure washer. If you don't feel like purchasing all of this equipment and learning how to use it, you can always call up your local air conditioning installation and repair shop, and schedule them to come out and clean your ducts for you.