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The Importantce Of Planned HVAC Maintenance

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The most effective way to keep your home's heating and cooling system up and running is to commit to planned annual maintenance. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners choose to wait until their HVAC system stops working to have it serviced rather than taking advantage of preventative maintenance services. In many cases, this is because homeowners simply assume that they will spend more on annual services than on sporadic repairs. While this may be true if the only benefit these services had to offer was less frequent repairs, the truth is, this is just one of the many ways in which these services can save you money. Below you will learn more about the many benefits that these services have to offer so that you can better understand just how important the use of these services can be to both your HVAC system and your wallet.

Maintaining Low Energy Bills

When your heating and cooling system pulls in air from around your home, it will inevitably pull in dust, dirt, pet dander, and other small particles as well. Over time, these particles will begin to build up and can restrict the flow of air to your system. In response to this restricted air flow, your system will need to work harder in order to pull in the amount of air necessary to effectively heat or cool your home. This can easily result in excess energy consumption and high monthly bills.

When you have your HVAC system professionally maintained each year, your HVAC contractor will remove the buildup inside your system to help restore the natural flow of air. Ultimately, this will not only make it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, but it will also allow you to maximize the energy efficiency of your system and minimize your energy costs each month.

Maintaining Valid Warranty Coverage

Nearly all new heating and cooling systems will come with a manufacturers warranty at the time they are purchased. The problem is, far too many homeowners simply assume that these warranties will automatically remain valid until their intended expiration date. However, this is not the case.

Warranty companies routinely include clauses in their warranty coverage that require the homeowner to live up to specific responsibilities in order for their warranty to remain valid. For instance, these clauses will often specify the need for proper installation and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. The purpose of these clauses is to ensure that any repairs the warranty company ends up paying for are the result of faulty equipment rather than improper installation or maintenance.

When filing a claim against your warranty, you will often be asked to submit proof of proper maintenance before the claim can be approved and paid. If you have failed to have your system serviced on an annual basis, not only will your claim likely be denied, but your entire warranty may be voided. For more information, contact Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp.