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5 Ways You Can Lower Your Heating Bills

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Your heating bill is probably your most expensive utility in the wintertime. If you do not pay careful attention to how much you use your heat, you could pay hundreds of dollars in heating costs every month. Here are five ways you can lower your heating bills in the winter.

Buy a Humidifier

Winter is very dry and can deplete your home of all its moisture. Very dry air does not just leave your skin parched; it also feels cooler. Adding moisture to your home can actually let your indoor air hold in more heat. One of the easiest ways to increase moisture is to turn on a humidifier. If you run your humidifier, your heating system will not have to work as hard to heat your house.

Leave That Oven Door Open

Remember to leave the oven door open after you finish baking something. All of the heat from the oven will warm up your house quite nicely and give your heating system a little break. 

Cover Up Your Windows

Covering your windows with plastic is important during the wintertime. The plastic will prevent warm air from escaping out of your home and increasing your heating bills. After you have placed the plastic on your windows, seal it with a blow-dryer.

Maintain Your Furnace

If you want your heating bills to be as low as possible, you have to properly maintain your furnace. For example, do not forget to replace your furnace filters once a month. If they get too dirty, your furnace can't work efficiently. Also, have your furnace serviced by a professional heating contractor like Quality HomEnergy once a year. A heating contractor will inspect your furniture to make sure it is running efficiently.

Do not Use Ventilator Fans Often

Ventilator fans can remove moisture in your bathroom and cooking fumes in your kitchen. However, these ventilator fans can also steal heat from your home. That is why you should use these fans for only a few minutes at a time. You definitely do not want them increasing your heating bills.

Making some adjustments can do wonders for your heating bills in the winter. If you follow these helpful tips, you will not have to worry about your heating bills breaking your bank account. However, if your heating bills are still higher than normal, you should have an experienced heating contractor come and look at your furnace soon.