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What You Need To Know When Installing A New Air Conditioner

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If you are looking to replace your old air conditioner with a newer, more energy efficient model, there are a few things you should know before you buy. Many people wait until their air conditioner has quit working or needs a major repair to continue doing its job. Waiting until this happens can leave you sweating on the hottest day of the year. Here is what you need to know before replacing your old, worn out unit.

Timing is Everything

As with all things in life, timing is everything. Scheduling your air conditioner installation for the right time can make a huge difference in the cost and schedule availability. Many air conditioning repair companies recommend scheduling your install for the cooler months of fall and winter. This will give you an open schedule to choose from as well as save you money on both the unit and the labor.

Many manufacturers offer deep discounts on last year's model of air conditioning units as a way to clear out stock before the new models start rolling in. Take advantage of these discounts by buying when the prices are at rock-bottom.

In addition to discounts from manufacturers, many repair companies, like Now Heating & Air, offer lower off-season prices on labor as a way to bring in business during their slower months. Consider when the peak repair and installation time is in your area and schedule your install outside of those months.

You may also take advantage of government rebates that come with replacing your air conditioner. These rebates are often highest during the winter months and gradually decrease as you get closer to summer.

Never Schedule and Install When You Are Not Home

It may seem like a great idea when the company offers to install while you are at work. Missing a day from work can be hard especially if you don't have pair time off. However, you will be trusting a stranger in your home, alone. Regardless of the reputation of the company, don't risk getting a inexperiences technician who may need you home to answer questions about the install and your expectations. Always schedule your install when you can be present the entire time.

Installing a more energy efficient air conditioner is a great way to save on utilities. You can also save money by scheduling your install during a cooler season. Don't wait to schedule your install today.