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Have Your Ducts Been Inspected Lately? They May Need To Be Cleaned

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You probably know it's important to have your HVAC cleaned on an annual basis, so it continues to work properly. However, you probably don't give much thought to your ducts. While ducts usually don't need to be cleaned that often, they eventually get dusty or dirty inside too. Cleaning them is difficult to do yourself since it requires special tools, so you'll need to call a duct cleaning service.

Why You Should Clean Your Ducts

The air in your home is constantly being circulated through your ducts, so if the ducts are dirty or dusty, some of that debris will be picked up to float through the air you breathe. You may not notice it unless you have allergy problems or asthma. When you have respiratory problems, maintaining the quality of your air is important. Increased dust in the air could also mean that dust accumulates quicker on your furniture too. Having your ducts cleaned helps your home stay cleaner and smell fresher.

How Often To Clean Them

You can probably go for years between cleanings unless you have severe allergy problems. If someone smokes in your home, or if you have pets in the house, you'll probably need them cleaned more often, since smoke and pet hairs get pulled through your ducts as the air circulates. You should have the ducts inspected each year when you have your HVAC unit serviced and cleaned. If the contractor sees signs of rodent infestation or mold growth, then you'll want to have your ducts cleaned right away to protect the quality of your air.

How Ducts Are Cleaned

A contractor uses equipment similar to a vacuum with a very long brush on the end to clean debris off the sides of your ducts. The dust, dirt, mold, and rodent droppings are then sucked out of the ducts and out of your home. Your ducts consist of more than flat panel tunnels too. When the contractor cleans your system, he or she cleans every part that air passes over or through. It's an involved job that requires a few hours and special equipment to complete. That's why it's so difficult to do yourself. In fact, trying to do it yourself could make the problem worse, because you could knock loose dirt and allergens that then fill the air.

Having your ducts professionally cleaned by a company like Jones Air Conditioning & Electric may even help your HVAC system work more efficiently. Dust blocks air circulation, whether it is in your ducts, HVAC, vents, or filter. Cleaning it out helps air flow better, so your system doesn't have to struggle to keep your home comfortable. Just because your ducts are out of sight doesn't mean they don't accumulate dust and debris just like the rest of your home. So remember to have them inspected regularly and cleaned when they need it.